Bowless shoelaces, we show you how.

Have you ever wondered how some people get that really sleek looking shoe with no bow in the shoelaces? Up until now, it really was quite a pain. You either had to tuck the shoelaces into the shoe which was annoying or, if you couldn't stand the bundles of excess laces bunched around your foot, the more daring of us would cut the shoelace and tie a knot in it, which left us with an awesome looking but very uncomfortable shoe.

If you're looking for clean lines for your shoes, this clever invention from 'Innie', might just do the job. They're simple little shoelace clips that fit onto your shoelaces and keep your shoelace in place. This allows the shoelace to be cut and gives the wearer the comfort and style of wearing their shoelaces without bows and solves the issue of the masses of laces or knots.

Trial Run.

We haven’t taken new products into our store that we haven’t tested beforehand, so I suggested to Bart from Innie that he send me a couple of pairs and we’d give them a go. It was time to spruce up the old Converse with a new pair of shoelaces and a pair of Innie.


Innie's fitted with a bar lace style of shoelacing. Make sure you read the instructions before fitting and cutting!


The question is, are these going to work?

We did have our reservations. These clips looked small, but were they small enough for us not to feel in our shoes? We also wondered whether the shoelaces were going to slip through the clip, so for the first few wears, we actually carried a spare pair of shoelaces with us, just in case! (Hey, we had spare laces, we know a guy.)

Innie RoadtestI’m pleased to say we were pleasantly surprised. Once fitted, with the sneakers we tested the Innie in, we couldn’t feel the clip at all. On one pair we fitted the Innie to, we did have an issue with the shoelace slipping from the clip, but this was our mistake as we didn’t leave enough shoelace at the end of the clip. It’s a recommended 2cm length to leave from the clip before you cut it. We'd trimmed it at about half that so we needed to refit the Innie again. Had we ‘read the instructions’ this wouldn’t have happened.

The outcome was a new look for our favourite and most comfortable pair of shoes and a tick of approval for a very useful product that will have wonderful results for our fashion conscious customers.


Hope you and your feet enjoy the Innie as much as us!

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