Miggsy Shoelace's Back to School Guide to keeping shoelaces tied.
We'll let you in on all you need to know to get the job done.

The start of school. A milestone event when kids either get super excited or upset, and parents get anxious. All involved need to work hard to contain that energy without having a total melt down and we've found that preparation is the key to surviving those first weeks.

We understand the anticipation and have been through it with our own kids, and although we can't help with the nerves, we can definitely help take one of the worries that parents have off the to-do list, by doing what we do best and keeping your child's shoelaces tied. This means less stress for you, for the kids and less time for the teachers, spent tying shoelaces.

Being ready for the inevitable, keeps stress levels down.

The majority of inquiries we received in January and February are regarding how we can help to keep young children new to school shoelaces tied. This is because the reality of having young ones move into an environment where they need to be independent is a bit of a shock to the system for the kids and parents alike. We have frustrated parents contacting us to discuss the best options for their child and tales of kids having melt downs because they can't keep their laces tied and shoes securely in place, so in anticipation of the coming year, we've created this Back-to-School Guide on Keeping Shoelaces Tied so you can keep stress levels down and be well prepared for what's to come.

Keeping Shoelaces Tied Infographic

The best outcomes are achieved, when you really consider what your child needs.

There are a number of factors that you should consider when you're looking for a No Tie or Keep Tied solution. For example, does your school allow shoelaces without a bow, or is the uniform guideline strict? If your school has a strict uniform policy, you'll need to check whether or not our solutions will be allowed.

We also have options that are 'No Tie'. This means that you can fit elastic shoelaces to your childs school shoes which then turn them into slip-ons. No tying required. Be sure to check your uniform guidelines to make sure these solutions are allowed.

See the guide below to get the full picture on the performance delivered by the different solutions.

No Tie & Keep Tied Comparison Guide
  No Tie Shoelaces ▶︎ No Tie Shoelaces Flat ▶︎ Safe Lace Shoelace Locks ▶︎

Can be used with our without bows and best emulate traditional shoelaces. 


Clips are fitted over shoelaces.

Slip-On ✔︎ ✔︎

Requires assistance to tie shoelaces

These secure silicon locks keep the laces tied all day, but if the shoes are removed, assistance to re-tie the shoelaces will be required.

Instruction Video

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What's the goal?

At the end of the day, each child has different needs and you'll be the best judge of which solution will help to make them feel comfortable and confident when they go to school. The goal of having a No Tie or keep tied solution is to give your child independence and relieve teachers of the task of having to tie shoelaces all day.

We suggest to take the following into consideration when deciding on an outcome.

  1. Can you child tie their shoelaces? 
    Remember, independence will be achieved with time. Assisting them now with a no tie or keep shoelaces tied solution, gives them one less thing to worry about when school is all so new and you can then take your time in teaching them to tie their shoelaces. Don't worry, it will happen! Choose a solution that works for them and the school now.
  2. Will your school allow 'No Tie' shoelaces?
    We recommend checking with your school as to whether they allow elastic shoelaces and whether they require a bow. We have schools that stock Safe Lace for their students as the laces are tied once and stay tied all day. They look neat and are the preference for some private schools. Check with your school and show them Safe Lace, you might just be surprised.
  3. Does your school require school and sport shoes?
    We know that a lot of schools these days require kids to have not only school shoes but sports shoes as well. With this in mind, we also stock white no tie shoelaces and white and clear Safelace. 

We're excited for you and your child. Starting school is one of the biggest changes your little ones will go through in the next few years, and it's with the foresight of supportive parents that things tend to go a little smoother.

We know that sometime you might have additional questions to what we've outline above, so if that's the case, we invite you to contact us, we'd love to help.