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These flat No Tie Shoelaces make it possible to easily turn your shoes into slip- ons, with or without bows!

If you're after a No Tie Shoelaces solution that looks like a traditional shoelace, these Flat Elastic Shoelaces should do the job. The strong, quality elastic is kept in place by either tying or clipping the laces, with the option of 3 different ways to finish them in the style that suits you best. Have a look at our instruction videos to see how to fit the laces and the fashion finishes that are possible to achieve.

- Suitable for everyday running, sports and school shoes. Efficient slip on and off for fast, easy use.
- Helps kids at school who haven't learned to tie their shoelaces. Saves your child a whole lot of stress and their teachers a whole lot of time.
- Suited to Special Needs - Once fitted, shoes slip on and off
- Choose bow or no bows
- One size fits most. With a 1m length, these elastic shoelaces are suitable from about a child's size 3-4 up to adults size 10-11 and can be cut to length to suit.

Hint for School Shoes If your school requires 'tied' shoelaces, you can fit the laces and leave the additional length without cutting it. Tie the remainder of the lace in a bow with a double knot so it won't come undone and your child's school shoes will look like they have 'bowed' shoelaces in them but their shoes will still slip on and off meaning less stress for you and your child, and less work for the teacher!

Safe Lace instructions link to video INSTRUCTION VIDEO
Turn shoes into slip-ons. See how to install No Tie laces, no tying required.

Easily turn your shoes into slip ons with or without bows!