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Have you ever wondered how some people get that sleek looking shoe with no bow in the shoelaces? We have a super simple solution that will have you cutting loose.

To achieve that no bow shoelaces look, up until now really was quite a pain. You either had to tuck the shoelaces into the shoe which is annoying or if you couldn't stand the bundles of excess laces bunched around your foot, the more daring of us would cut the shoelace and tie a knot in it, which left us with an awesome looking but very uncomfortable shoe.

If you're looking for clean lines for your shoes, while maintaining comfort, this clever invention from 'Innie', might just do the job. They're little shoelace clips that fit onto your shoelaces, inside your shoes and keep your shoelace in place. This allows the shoelace to be cut, so there is no more excess lace and gives the wearer the comfort and style of wearing their shoelaces without bows and solves the issue of the masses of laces or knots.

- the perfect solution to achieve the bowless shoelaces look.
Innie is available in a range of fashion colours, so why not have a browse and find which sneaky bit of colour will be just right for your favourite pair of shoes. No tying required!