Safe Lace - Shoelace Lock - Blue

Keep your shoelaces tied.


Material: Silicone
Packet Contents: 1 Pair

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Are untied Shoelaces a safety issue, or are they just an outright nuisance? This nifty little blue shoelace lock might just be the thing you're looking for!

Made from Silicon
They're super light weight and conforms to the shape of your shoe. You can't even feel that you're wearing them and unlike some shoelace locks, when Safelace are tied correctly, they will not flap around.

If you're in situations where your shoes may get wet, Safelace has you covered. They're waterproof silicon so there's no parts to rust. They're also easily cleaned with water and soap and a soft cloth.

Available in 8 Fashion colours
You can choose to match or contrast with your shoelaces or the clear model is perfect for allowing your shoelaces to still show through.

Australian Invention
This Australian invention is helping school kids, athletes and every-day people from all over Australia, keep their shoelaces tied. Not only that, it's giving parents and teachers the confidence of knowing, once the laces are tied and the Safelace is in place, those shoelaces are are staying tied!

Safety First
If safety is an issue for you, then considering the Safelace is a must. They're super handy for stopping workboot laces from coming undone, as well as for athletes of all types. Do you know all too well, that feeling of dread of having to stop at that critical point in your chosen sport to tie your shoelaces? One try of Safe Lace and you'll be hooked.

Like to know more?
Why not have a look at the helpful video in the 'Instructional Video' tab to see exactly how Safe Lace works.


Material: Silicone
Packet Contents: 1 Pair

Express Post Available. See pricing.
(conditions apply.)1
Brand Safelace
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Safe Lace - Shoelace Lock - Blue

By: on 24 July 2017
Simply amazing, my son was forever tripping over his shoe laces and too "busy" to retie them. These shoelace locks mean that he can tie his shoes and the morning and forget about it for the rest of the day!

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