Shoelaces for Kids

Kids' Shoelaces - perfect for all of the fun things they love to do!

Our kids' shoelaces are a fun, bright accessory for the little ones in your life. Made in sizes especially suited to smaller feet, our quality shoelaces will keep shoes on feet, turn tie up shoes into slip ons, and keep busy kids and mums doing what they'd rather be doing.

Classic Sport Shoelaces
Available in fun fashion colours and lengths well suited to smaller feet, these quality shoelaces are the answer to replacing that dreaded lost shoelace or freshen up a favourite pair of shoes.

Curly and No Tie Shoelaces
These springy elastic shoelaces are available in playful colours to match the most energetic personalities. Not only do they turn tie up shoes into slip ons giving independence to your kids, these clever shoelaces are super time savers for parents and teachers, no more tying required!

Safe Lace Shoelace Locks
If your child prefers a tie-up shoelace but hasn't quite mastered the art of shoelace tying, these little silicon wonders are for you! Simply attach the Safe Lace to the shoelace, have you or your child tie the laces, clip the Safe Lace and you're done! Shoelaces stayed tied all day, neatly tucked away, so shoes stay on feet and no tripping hazards of untied laces. If your little ones need to remove their shoes during the day, a re-tie of the shoelaces and re-clip of Safe Lace and they're off, ready to play.

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